Life is better around the campfire.

First GO Setup

On Friday, Steph and I set up a GO by ourselves for the first time at the Street Fest party for the Illinois Marathon. The wind was blowing at 22 mph; this is not a problem for the GO as it is built to withstand higher winds than this. People will tell you that they have come through 35-40 mph winds in their GO. Anyway, back to the story or our first set up. And

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Why We Sell What We Sell

At this point in time at Get Out & Go RVl, we only sell three brands of campers. We keep our eyes open for more cool things and have seen a couple of other brands we like. We will fill you in on those if they ever become part of our inventory. But for now: Why Little Guy? Why Vintage Cruiser? Why SylvanSport? It all started with Stephanie finding the Little Guy on line and

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Take your pet hedgehog camping.

Many people take their dogs along for camping trips. We’ve heard of a few people who have camping cats. But this guy takes the cake. We share with you…Azuki, the tiny Japanese hedgehog. Our Little Guy campers may be small, but not THIS small! Enjoy this adorable story from BoredPanda.

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Selecting your RV

This should probably have been the first article I wrote, but better late than never. When you go out to look for your RV, camper, motorhome – whatever style and whatever you call it – the top priority should be to like the people you are working with. This may not always be possible. You may not live close to a dealer with the product you want. You may want something that is very specific

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