Life is better around the campfire.

Reasons to Buy

We are kicking off our fall clearance at Get Out and Go RV and I wanted to give you a solid list of reasons that you should buy a camper now – and save thousands of dollars in the process! It is fall. You are faced with some of the best camping weather of the year – crisp, cool and clear nights. You can enjoy a camp fire by night and not get too sweaty

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Kentucky Setup

This is not going to be much of an article. I just want everyone to see our setup at Elizabethtown, Kentucky. You will note the beautiful Ram truck; that is for sale at Ford of Hoopeston. If you like rumbly exhaust this is the truck for you! I cleaned the picnic bench and went with the 4th of July themed items as I haven’t gotten any others. I like to find our camping things on

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We are on the move again! We checked into our campground: Elizabethtown Crossroads Campground in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. This is private campground, meaning people own it. It is not an Army Corp of Engineers campground like Lake Shelbyville in Illinois. The cost for our spot is $28 per night. Compare that to a hotel! It has a pool (closed this time of year) and an office that is also a little shop. I will go shopping later

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Dump Stations

What happens when you have a site in a campground that does not offer full hook-ups? Maybe they just offer 30-amp or 50-amp service, but no water. That means water is not coming into the trailer. You must fill the clean water tank prior to parking. Most parks have a place to get water as you pull in. The campground we were visiting, The Harry L. Swartz Campground in The Middle Fork River Forest Preserve

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